Visual Arts, Media & Architecture

2 Years
Start date:
1. September (Studiengänge mit Studienbeginn Februar)
Bachelor's diploma in art, architecture, media and culture

The Research Master's Programme Visual Arts, Media and Architecture (VAMA) focuses on the study of current developments in visual arts, architecture, design and media, from a theoretical and historical perspective. In a globalizing cultural world in which art, architecture, design and media are ever more closely integrated and packaged as “creative industries,” disciplinary boundaries need questioning and challenging, yet a thorough grounding in older and newer disciplines such as art history, architectural history and media studies is a prerequisite for doing so.

VAMA is a good option for students who are interested in pursuing a PhD after their MA, but also more in general for students who cherish critical attitude, arrive at original lines of questioning based on a profound knowledge of their research subject, and wish to develop their research skills.

The focus of VAMA is the changing role of art and culture in our ‘mediatised’ and commercialized western society. The emphasis lies on the increasing interaction between the arts, the media and the public and private space, seen from a historical angle. Art and culture have turned into interdisciplinary domains closely related to realms from which  they have traditionally – at least since the modern age - maintained a distance: politics, economy, and social reality.

Now that the digital medium – the preferred platform for economic exchange and convergence between culture and entertainment – has become a major means for the documentation, presentation, conservation (archiving) as well as the modernisation of art and culture, we are faced with the urgent question of how these border-crossing developments, at the junction of retention and innovation, can be evaluated, conceptualised and put in a historical perspective.The sights are not only set on current events and the future. The phenomenon of ‘mediatisation’ will be put into a comprehensive historical framework and studied in depth in the light of broad theoretical discourses and specific examples from both the past and the present.

Career prospects

The degree of Master of Arts will enable you to work as an independent researcher. In the academic world, both at home and abroad, the research master’s degree is seen as a possible step towards a doctoral study. Yet you could also find a position in art and media management, journalism and publishing, or in art and architecture centers, research agencies, museum institutions, film festivals, art and media archives and teaching and government institutions.



Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam - Campus
De Boelelaan 1105 
1081 HV Amsterdam



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