international tourism management at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

Even though I had doubts concerning my decision to study international tourism management at NHTV, I have to admit, one year after that choice was made, that it was the best one.

Fears and doubts are probably usual, when such big decisions are made: Studying in English, moving to another country, finding new friends, and other several worries.
NHTV let me forget those fears and doubts immediately, though. Since I attended the introduction week ‘Unexpected Journey’, I have met really good friends there, to whom I still talk every day. In addition, I did meet my coach and got an overview about the study program. Afterwards, my first day at university was much easier than expected.

Also about the daily life in English one has not to worry. Literally everyone speaks English in the Netherlands. Whether you need help in the supermarket, the bank, or in the municipality. However, as a German, one will learn the most important Dutch phrases quite fast, so that groceries are possible in Dutch after a couple of weeks.

During the first week, we have got an introduction to the courses and the teachers. Then, the stress begun – deadlines, projects, and exams. However, since I thought all new courses were interesting and because of the practical work, studying was much easier and did not feel like typical studying at all. Studying was fun, and I had this feeling during the whole year. If problems with the study program or exams appear, a student has always the possibility to talk to a teacher at NHTV. So, one is never alone during his studies on NHTV, and I think this is one of the most important things, especially during the first year.

To sum up, I can say it was the best decision to study at NHTV, even though I had doubts first. I have met so many new and interesting people, from all over the world. Furthermore, the experiences one makes at NHTV are unique.

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