International Media and Entertainment at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences

Actually, I only found the NHTV and its International Media and Entertainment program as my second choice. I was looking into media and communication studies within my home country, Germany, but the only schools who offered programs that seemed to fit my needs were private universities with crazy, unaffordable tuition fees. I was quite shattered thinking I could probably never get the education I want without taking out a huge loan from the government – until I found the NHTV.

When I first moved to Breda, I did not speak more than about five words of Dutch, neither had I met anyone from my future class yet, so obviously, I was slightly anxious about the beginning of the year. It turned out, I had never needed to worry about anything. The intro festival of the Academy of Digital Entertainment (which includes IMEM and IGAD), Camp Lost took place the week before class started, and the people I met there are have been my best friends here in Breda ever since.

Regarding the Dutch language, I also never had any severe difficulties. This might be due to the similarities of German and Dutch, but my overall experience is that almost everyone in Breda – except for pre-school children maybe – speaks at least enough English to help you find the item of your choice in the supermarket or will be able to give directions to some place you have to go to. Furthermore, if you are a huge movie addict and cannot live without going to the movies every now and then, do not worry. In the Netherlands, all adult movies are shown in the original language with Dutch subtitles, making the cinema a truly international experience. In addition to that, I can recommend another great free time activity in Breda: intimate music gigs hosted by Sofar Sounds. Once every month, the team revolving around another international student from NHTV organizes three-act music gigs in living rooms, cafés and gardens all over Breda. If you like finding new artists and meeting interesting people outside of your usual social circle, I highly recommend you attend a gig! And, no worries, the event is all English-based.

In addition to my free time activities and the great friendships I have found in Breda, I also really enjoy my studies of International Media and Entertainment. If you are a creative, extrovert person like me who enjoys facing new challenges and is quite indecisive when it comes to focusing on one specific area, IMEM is perfect for you. The study allows you to test your talents and learn about so many different areas of the media industry (television, online media, print, marketing and many more) that it just never gets boring. It helped me, to find out a lot more about myself and the talents I have, but also about how I behave in a work environment. Now, in my second year, I am able to make choices about which areas I want to study more intensely than others due to what I have learned in the first year. Furthermore, the balance between theoretical and practical application of knowledge makes IMEM very interesting. For some courses, you have to study books and simply solves calculations with the formulas you have studied, but for some, your block assignment is producing your very own short film in which you can decide everything from script to soundtrack. I think that especially, the practical classes prepare you very well for a future job in the industry. You learn to take responsibility fast and get to learn from your mistakes in a safe environment.

In general, NHTV is very international. With students, and lecturers from all over the world, it never gets boring and it is a constant exchange of knowledge and social skills between people from different cultures. Perhaps, the only people in the NHTV buildings who do not speak English very well are the cashiers in the canteen. But if buying your sandwich in a foreign language is the biggest challenge you have to face, you must be having a great time in Breda.

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